New Jersey Ethics Attorney

When a Lawyer Needs a Lawyer

There is perhaps no greater honor for a lawyer than to be entrusted with advising or representing a colleague. There are not many greater responsibilities, either.

Since 2012, together with my long-time assistant, Theresa Serio, I have practiced exclusively in a field loosely referred to as “legal ethics.” More precisely, I offer advice and representation in matters of attorney ethics and discipline, bar admission and judicial conduct.

Besides providing insight and guidance, we represent New Jersey attorneys before District Ethics Committees, the Disciplinary Review Board, Ethics Special Masters, the Committee on Attorney Advertising, the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct and the New Jersey Supreme Court. On occasion, we may represent an attorney on criminal charges. We help NJ attorneys with admission and reinstatement, audit preparation and remediation, prophylactic ethics surveys, ethical issue analysis, trust accounts issues, and in other matters related to their licenses.

Whether you are a solo with questions about a Random Audit, a judge with a matter before the A.C.J.C., house counsel concerned about the unauthorized practice of law, or a bar candidate dreading the Committee on Character, we can probably help. We handle every manner of investigation, interview, audit, grievance, complaint and hearing that can affect an attorney's relationship with the bar. Let us answer your questions, demystify the attorney disciplinary system for you and offer helpful insights and suggestions about your situation.

We are usually retained on a fixed-fee basis for most services, although an hourly-fee basis is possible. Weekends and evenings appointments are available. Confidentiality is, of course, absolute.

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