When a Lawyer Needs a Lawyer

Sometimes, even attorneys need an attorney.

I represent attorneys, judges and bar candidates in a field broadly called "legal ethics." This includes bar admission, legal ethics, attorney discipline and judicial conduct.

Whether you are a solo with questions about an OAE audit, a judge who has issues with the ACJC, house counsel wondering how to handle a conflict or a bar candidate seeking information about the Committee on Character, I can probably help. My practice consists exclusively of the counseling and representation of lawyers, judges and bar candidates. I handle every manner of investigation, interview, audit, grievance, complaint or hearing that concern an attorney's relationship with the bar. I can demystify the attorney disciplinary system and offer helpful insights and suggestions about your particular situation.

I represent NJ attorneys before District Ethics Committees, the Disciplinary Review Board, the Committee on Advertising, the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct and the New Jersey Supreme Court. On occasion, I defend in the criminal courts attorneys and judges who have been charged with crimes. I help attorneys with admission and reinstatement, audit preparation, ethical issue analysis and the aftermath of criminal charges, bankruptcy, substance dependency, mental illness and other conditions and events which may affect their licenses to practice.

I have fixed fees for most services. My fee for a consultation is $2,500 for most matters, which fee may be applied as a credit toward future representation in the matter, if desired. There is no charge to sit down and meet with me to help decide your choice of counsel. A consultation includes review of the file and of your written statement if appropriate, any necessary research, our opinions and advice, and virtually unlimited conferences and phone calls on the matter.

I can be available on weekends and evenings for appointments or to discuss your matter. Confidentiality is, of course, absolute.