If you are concerned about the Committee on Character

"...you need to know more about the Bar Examiners and what they expect of you.

Typically, you have passed the Bar exam or are seeking admission from another jurisdiction, but something in your background has piqued the interest of the Examiners who conduct an investigation. Some DWIs, an old shoplifting case or marijuana bust, a suspension from junior high school, truancy, a bad check or some other questionable fact of your life will be examined thoroughly.

Often, the concern is with candor - perhaps you failed to mention or fully disclose something significant. Perhaps you failed to notify the Bar Examiners when your school loan went into default or when a child support judgment was entered against you or when you declared bankruptcy. Perhaps they think you were hiding something.

Candidates are often surprised by the thoroughness of the investigation and the stringency of the hearing. Allow us to advise you.

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